Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Broccoli Corn Ravioli

Fair warning, the filling is green. So while this isn't that sneaky, once you cover it with sauce... hopefully no one can notice.

So I'm starting this post with how the finished product looks to entice you to try this at home. Mmmm tasty right?

So here is the all famous Food's Fool recipe for these delicious looking wonders of the plate:

Cooking the garlic: My new little trick for garlic is to grate it. Note to self, self: you should buy a microplane grater because dragging out your large cheese grater everytime you cook with garlic is silly. I hear you self, it is on the list. Anyways, this is what my grated garlic in the olive oil looks like. I love garlic. I may have put in a clove or two more than the recipe calls for... 

 So this is the pan with all the ingredients. Hi, please use a large enough pan to fit your broccoli, otherwise it may overflow like mine did while trying to mix it up.

Ahh the beauty that is the mix. So I know I say this alot, but the mix should look like thick baby food. I guess if you really want, you can have some chunks, but you are making ravioli out of this, it should mostly be smooth. So fill the wrappers, keep in mind how you want to fold them, I'm making normal ravioli, so I can have more filling, if you are folding them in half or making something else, use less. Feel free to make your own pasta if you are so inclined. I wasn't.
 The finished raviloi. Behold the wonder. When making these it is super important to get all the air out of the inside when putting the top on. You also want to make sure to seal the edges up really well. Otherwise all of the hard work will be in vain when you cook them, the filling will just end up in your water and you'll have a limpy looking noodle left over.

A little before/after shot for you. You can see that the ravioli float to the surface when they are done. Be sure to use only a light boil, you don't want to beat the crap out of these, they are delicate :)

                          Before                                                                                After
The finished ravili. You can see that the noodle gets kinda wrinkly in over the filling. They also look a little green (umm yeah they are filled with broccoli)

Finish with your favorite sauce, or heck make your own. It's simple. I'll have a sneaky sauce recipe up later once the tomatoes start coming in from our CSA. This is my personal favorite sauce this week. It changes all the time as I venture out and try new ones.

And lets end with our beginning picture. The final product. mmmmm tasty. I served mine with our squash rolls.

So the verdict. The husband caught me mid act. He came into the kitchen just as the broccoli was steaming. He was like, umm are you cooking broccoli? (I guess you can't hide that smell)
But all-in-all the final product was very tasty and even though he knew the secret ingredient, he said he couldn't tell.
My opinion. Cover anything with enough sauce and really... you could hide pretty much a whole garden of veggies. Who is going to know the difference?

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