Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swiss Chard Quiche

So another weekly delivery from my CSA has me staring at yet another pile of Swiss Chard and thinking, what the heck am I supposed to do with this. In addition, I'm starting to get slightly homicidal thoughts about who could possibly give us this much chard every week, and who could eat it all!
As to not waste this present from the garden, I took to finding out something to do with it aside from the normal saute. Bring on the Quiche.
Typically made with spinach, I thought why not? and went to working preparing my normal quiche recipe with some chard. Now to warn you, I've snuck a couple extra veggies into this quiche.
I also made mine with ham, now this is optional and you don't have to do it. But as I was working, I started thinking Green Eggs and Ham sounded funny, so that's what I made.

So this is the end result that we are looking forward too. mmm yummy.
So the basic recipe.

So this is my way to cut up the chard. I take a bunch of leaves and roll them up. Then slice. Voila, little chard pieces. 1 bunch for me was like 10 leaves. (which just happened to be what I got from the CSA).                                                           This is probably a good place to mention to super triple wash leeks, if you are using them. They are sooo dirty since they just grow up in the soil. Take them all apart and wash them well.

My Favorite photos. A little before/after shot for you.
So don't freak out about the amount of chard you just chopped up. It cooks down to like basically nothing.

Before                                                                  After

 The egg/cheese mix. I think this is where the recipe takes on a not healthy, but very tasty twist. Mmm cheese. I clearly live in WI, who else would dump a full bag of shredded cheese into a recipe?
 And this is what the mix looks like all mushed together. Notice the added ham (I didn't include that in the recipe, it was a last minute, optional throw in. note bacon would have been nice too)

And the magic moment. 40ish minutes later. Voila! It's like a fancy omelet. I'm sure someone is out there rolling their eyes "quiche is not an omelet"...
Whatever, that's what it basically tastes like to me.

And the verdict? I thought it was good. The hubby told me if I kept cooking like that, I'd have to cook dinner every night. Hahahaha. This would also be great for breakfast.
He coated his slices in salsa, which I'm sure was a tasty addition. 

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