Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Cookhouse

So a new restaurant opened up in Verona where the hubby works.
So day 1 he goes there for lunch and comes home with pasties for us for dinner.
Day 2 he eats there, apparently there was a pizza special and he was super excited.
Bring on Day 3. We are headed home after swim class with the little man and are hungry so we stop there.

1st of all, the menu changes monthly depending on what is on the farm. This restaurant was opened by Jordandal Farms. They are a local farm with both veggie and meat available direct from the farm.
Click to visit their website

So the menu isn't that large, but what is there is great and it changes all the time plus there are daily specials. On saturday when we ate there, there was a breakfast sandwich special (hubby got that, I stole a bite, the sausage was soooooo good)

It didn't dawn on me to take pictures of the actual restaurant, but I snapped one picture of my side dish before devouring it.
I had a cubano for my lunch. The chef was very nice and let me change out the cheese since I have an aversion to Swiss Cheese, so mine was made with White Cheddar.

I was a little worried about the pickled onions but I thought I would give it a try. They were very tasty. I am now tempted to try some experimentation with my own onions to see what I can come up with. (Check back for my pickled onion recipe once I have perfected it!)

Here is my side dish. Sweet Potato Salad with thick cut bacon. How could you go wrong? You can't!

The only drawback I could see with the restaurant is that it's really just set-up for take out. There is a picnic table outside and a couple of chairs outside, but that's it.
I have a feeling once other people catch on to this delicious new place, there is going to be a line and a quite a wait. Right now though, it only took a few minutes to make our food. Well worth it!
But everyone must start someplace. I bet they will end up expanding!

So are you hungry yet? Stop by the Cookhouse in Verona, WI.
Keep in mind you can get frozen food too. Not only pasties, they have meatballs, pizza, soup..... I even saw some icecream in there. I believe one flavor was Lavendar Vanilla. There were a few options.



  1. Just bought some sweet potatoes! May have to give this one a try!