Friday, July 27, 2012

Squash Rolls

So thanks to my delicious CSA, I was given a sampling of squash.There were some that I can only describe as looking like little UFO's. I actually had to google them to see what they were! hehe.
Okay, so bring on the rolls. As a note, I didn't have enough of one squash, so I used butternut, acorn and zucchini in my recipe.

So this is what your squash should look like. Resembles baby food. (Actually I made a little too much, so my little guy got mixed squash for dinner!)
There should really not be any chunks in the squash, after all you are making bread... it needs to be smooooothhhhh.
 The bread mix after all ingredients are added. You can see that it is starting to form a ball. It's not really sticky anymore but isn't fully formed yet.
The bread dough after kneeding it for 8 mins.
Aghhh sooo smooth looking, so pretty.
Your whole kitchen should pretty much smell like yeast at this point.

A little before/after action for you. (I probably should have put the dough in a clean bowl to rise, but I didn't want to make any more dirty dishes, it didn't seem to mind)
Before:                                                                               After 1 Hour of rising.

Another before/after shot for you. I rolled mine into clover leafs because it's my favorite dinner roll shape. I bake in muffin pans, but normal rolls you could put in a 13x9 pan and let them bake that way.You can certainly make them into whatever shape you like.
The recipe made 24 normal sized clover leaf rolls.

Before:                                                                                                            After 30 mins

And bake.
Mine took only 12 minutes, but if you were making larger rolls, they might take longer.
(Please ignore the rusty muffin pan, I guess I should replace them. Whatever, they still work)

And the verdict?
umm freaking delicious. I've had 3 already. I'm regretting bringing them to work to share. I could have eaten all 24 myself. Soooo tasty. Tastes best warm but still very tasty at room temperature.

I could see if you used all butternut squash that the rolls might take on a orangeish color. I think that would look really cool.

Oh, and I don't think I mentioned that this is my normal recipe for potato dinner rolls, just sub the squash for mashed potatoes.

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