Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cabbage in my Sloppy Joes?

I know what you are thinking. Umm does that title mean what I think it means. The answer is YES! This posting is all about Sloppy Joes with some deliciously hidden cabbage. And I'm not talking a little bit of cabbage, there is a full 2 cups in this bad boy! And the best part, you'd never know tasting it! 

Ok so lets start this off with the recipe:

So the 1st thing I did was chop up all the cabbage, onion, celery super tiny. This is important, it has to be small to meld into the sauce without anyone knowing it!

Then add the meat and cook until done.
It looks something like this photo (noted, your might be a little more contained to the actual pan and not all over the place!)

So then we add the sauce ingredients and cook until thick. My general rule of thumb for sloppy joes is that you should be able to run the spoon thru the sauce and have the line remain. Then you know the sauce is thick enough. That looks like this:
So then we have the mix. Put it on whatever you want, hamburger buns or rolls. We used tortillas. I like to top it with some shredded cheddar cheese, but that's optional. Whatever you like. Some sour cream would have been awesome.

The recipe seemed to make enough for 4 really full burritos. It would probably make about 8 hamburgers.
The best part, only I knew there was A LOT of cabbage mixed in there. The hubby didn't even remotely have any idea. It was awesome!


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