Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sweet Green Bean Bundles

Is it wrong to call these little bundles of joy? I think not.
Green beans wrapped in meat and covered with sugar. mmmmm

So these are my little bean wraps. You can see that I chose to use deli ham slices. (we had just finished off the bacon, otherwise I would totally have used precooked bacon!)

Mmmm beans covered in the glaze waiting to go in the oven.

So this is aside from the point, but I also cut up some potatoes and thru them in the pan with the beans and glaze to cook. They were super tasty.

And a tasty little side dish or appetizer is created.
And yes, you can use canned beans if you really want to but why would you? Just make up a bunch and freeze them and have this dish whenever you want during the year!

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